Selling Reef Ready Fish Tank and everything that I have to go with it

    As the title states.  The tank and all of its parts are for sale.  No shipping.  Don’t want to sell it off piece by piece.  Want all of it gone.  $1000 OBO.

    135 Gallon tank,  100 gallon stock tank, 2 different skimmers – 1 i know nothing about as it was given to me, needs a new PSK2500 and should work fine.  The other is a D&D Marine Terminator 2.  Missing the main pump.  Bought it for $20 from some guy on GIRS.  2 x 40 gallon brute cans for mixing water.  Not Picture at this time is the return pump – knock off Reeflo Dart cranking 3800GPH.  I have it feeding the unknown skimmer and 2 returns on my tank with no issues.  Was going to have it feed the 2 x 15 gallon tanks on the table for macro alage but never got to finishing the setup.  ~ 200 pounds of live rock.  Yes it has a bunch of gunk caked on it that I could never get under control. Might need an acid bath to clean it up.  BRS Dual reactor for GFO and Carbon with pump.  2 x AI SOL Blues with controller.  2 x 3200 GPH power heads in the display tank.  1 Korlina 4 in the display as well.  1 Korlina 3 in the sump to help move water around.  1 x 200 W heather with built in temp controller.  Misc PVC parts.  And more stuff that I’ve accumulated over the years.  Plus 1 Coral Beauty in the tank.  Yes the tank looks like crap.  That’s what happens when your job puts you up in a hotel for weeks on end where you can’t be home to maintain the tank.  Thanks for looking at my sale.  If you need any additional pictures please message me on Facebook or text me at (319) 361-8306.


    For Pictures please go to!As8EtnQR_vrKgZBEns-hEnm_scjFAQ

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