LuLaRoe with Heather!

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Hello! Welcome to my LulaRoe page! For years, I have struggled to find the perfect opportunity to make a little extra money while continuing to work without taking more time away from my family.  I have tried several different small home businesses but none of them felt right for me until LuLaRoe came into my life.

One day I was browsing through Facebook and found one of my friends had started selling LuLaRoe. Unaware of the company, I joined her page and started browsing her inventory. I could not believe all of the cute clothing I saw. I sat back and watched for several months as her inventory changed from fall colors to spring. It was not until December of 2015 I tried my first Randy with matching leggings. Once I put them on I was hooked! Over the next couple of months, I purchased a few more outfits and started doing research on LuLaRoe, the company, the culture, more about their clothing, and how to become a consultant.

I soon started reaching out to several LuLaRoe consultants, wanting to get more information about becoming a consultant. My husband and I decided to jump head first into the LuLaRoe craze. Seven weeks later I was shaking on the phone while speaking with a LuLaRoe recruiter. I was so excited and nervous all at the same time!

I got to see my business grow from having 25 members in my VIP Group to almost 1000 members in a little under two months. My first month absolutely blew me away! I never imagined starting a side business with LuLaRoe would turn into such an amazing opportunity for my family!

I decided to join LuLaroe because my husband and I were working on paying off our debt. We wanted to be debt free in a few years and hopefully getting to take a few family vacations along the way.

I have had so much joy sharing my life with all the members in my group and interacting with them! Many of them have become dear friends! This experience has truly blessed our family in ways that are beyond words!